Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

How will I get my recommendations?
Your buy and sell recommendations will be delivered to your Stock Nostradamus App. You will receive a notification and the App icon will also let you know there is a new buy or sell recommendation available. When there is not a strong recommendation available, you won't receive a notification.

When will I get my recommendations?
You can expect your buy and sell recommendations by approximately 12:30pm from Monday to Friday (when the ASX is open for trading). This is the earliest time the recommendations can be calculated using the opening share price of the day. This gives you the afternoon to make your trade(s).

How much does a recommendation cost?
A silver buy and sell recommendation is $55 ($27.50 each) and a Platinum buy and sell recommendation is $85 ($42.50 each). We also have bonus packages of 3 or 5 buy and sell recommendations You receive 1 or 2 bonus buy and sell recommendations when you purchase a recommendations bundle.

Will you let me know when to sell to maximise my return?
Absolutely. Watch for the notification or icon indicator on your App.

How long are new buy and sell recommendations available to purchase?
We make new decisions daily so each buy and sell recommendation is available to be purchased from Stock Nostradamus for 24 hours. We identify the industry sector, size and past performance so you can decide whether you would like to purchase the recommendation. You only pay for the recommendations you want.

How quickly do I need to respond to the recommendation?
Ideally, you will respond on the day the recommendation is made or you have the next morning to take up your recommendation and complete your trade. Acting on a recommendation is quick and simple.

What is the difference between Silver and Platinum?
Silver and platinum are 2 different mathematical recommendations. The historic results, timeframe and success rate are different.

In the past financial year, our platinum recommendations make money 100% of the time. When sold, the average profit is 15.2%. Our silver recommendations make money 88 times out of 100 with an average profit of 9%. The difference is that our silver recommendations occur more frequently and sell slightly sooner, allowing you to reinvest your money more often. Where else can you get this return?

How many buy and sell recommendations will I get to choose from?
There are fewer platinum recommendations than there are silver but over the course of a year, you will have approximately 150 buy and sell recommendations to choose from.

How long will I be investing for?
The average investment period is 3-4 months, quicker for silver recommendations. There are periods when the time invested is faster or slower.

How many recommendations do I need to start?
You may choose just one buy and sell or several recommendations to enjoy the benefits of our bonus recommendation bundles and spread your investments to take advantage of as many different economic and share market factors as possible.

Will I be able to spread my investments?
Yes. There are 14 sectors and 135 Australian companies on which Stock Nostradamus makes recommendations.

Are there recommendations for large and small companies?
Yes. There are big and small companies available for recommendations, about 50% of each. You will be advised of the sector, size of the company and its past performance before you decide to make a recommendation purchase.

How much money do I need to invest using Stock Nostradamus?
$3,000 to invest will get you started and with your profits, you can increase from there. We have many clients who invest both very large and very small amounts.

Do I need a full-service broker?
No. When working with Stock Nostradamus, these premium services aren’t needed so there is no need to spend the extra money to execute a trade. With Stock Nostradamus, you will know precisely what to do. Once you opt-in for a recommendation, you simply make the transaction with an online stockbroking account which gives you flexibility and cheap transaction costs.