Financial Services Guide (FSG)

This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is an important document which we are required to provide to you as a condition of our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

AFSL 431288
ABN 88 147 371 113

Contact Details
PO Box 85, Mount Eliza, VIC, 3930
Phone (03) 9787 9036

Version: 1 February 2021
Michael Dee (Director)
Authorised for distribution by Pythagoras Investment Timing Index Pty Ltd trading as Stock Nostradamus

Why am I receiving this document?
This Financial Services Guide (FSG) is an important document which we are required to provide to you as a condition of our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

It contains information about:

  • Pythagoras Investment Timing Index
  • Stock Nostradamus
  • Michael Dee
  • The services offered and their cost
  • Any conflicts of interest which may impact the services
  • How we deal with complaints if you are not satisfied with our services

Information about us
Pythagoras Investment Timing Index Pty Ltd trading as Stock Nostradamus holds its own Australian Financial Services Licence (431288) which has been issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).  Pythagoras Investment Timing Index Pty Ltd trading as Stock Nostradamus is substantially owned and managed by Michael Dee.

As a licensee we are required to comply with the obligations of the Corporations Act and the conditions of our licence. This includes the need to have compensation arrangements in place with a Professional Indemnity insurer.

What services do we provide?
Pythagoras Investment Timing Index Pty Ltd trading as Stock Nostradamus holds a licence to provide general advice services on the following financial products

  • Securities
  • Derivatives
  • Foreign Exchange contracts

These services are provided to both wholesale and retail clients.

How does Stock Nostradamus work?
Stock Nostradamus predicts when to buy and sell stocks using maths.  Our methodologies are based on a new, revolutionary mathematical understanding of the stock market. They show that events are predictable from changes in our proprietary volatility measure. By measuring, tracking and interpreting these changes we recommend to buy and sell ahead of the stock market shifts allowing clients to profit!

Traditionally the stock market is analysed through events and once analysed and interpreted, trading occurs.  Every competitor takes a slice or slices of this known data or information, re-dissects it and offers it back to the clients as an aid.  The problems with this traditional analysis are; people are reacting to information which everyone is in possession of; prices change after the event; everyone is trading the same way – once the horse has bolted.  Its circular – nothing new is known or created.

This is where Stock Nostradamus is different; we offer knowledge in advance of the price event which give a better return for less risk, time and worry.

We are offering a lifestyle. Clients don’t have to keep abreast of the geopolitics, or be market savvy, and they don’t have to employ another adviser.  Stock Nostradamus clients get more time to enjoy their life.

Stock Nostradamus
Stock Nostradamus generates buy and sell recommendations with a very unique mathematical signature. Each offers an extremely high success rate, great returns per recommendations and lower than usual risk. From 1 July 2020 until 30 June 2021 our realised recommendations as follows for our new Silver and Platinum products

Silver Platinum
Days invested 50 55
Average Return 8.9% 15.1%
Win Rate 88% of buys make a gain 100% of buys make a gain

Our Stock Nostradamus products are delivered via the Stock Nostradamus App on the Apple and Google stores.

How the Service Works
Stock Nostradamus recommends buying and selling across 100+ companies – big and small.  Once a buy recommendation is made it waits until the conditions are right to exit and recommends a sell.  The success rate is extremely high (see previous table).

The services will be delivered via from the Stock Nostradamus App.  Recommendations can be purchased individually (and subscription).

New recommendations will be available (on ASX trading days) by approximately 1230pm when the circumstances for recommending are appropriate.  Where possible the recommendations should to be acted on during the day of advice – or within reason afterwards.

Buy Recommendations
Are given with the intention of clients buying an appropriate amount of stock which is specific to each client.  Stock Nostradamus doesn’t give investment sizing.

Sell Recommendations
There is an average of 3-4 months between buy and sell.  When the recommendation is to sell there isn’t a minimum price – just an instruction to sell.  If history is any guide your average sell would return 9% for silver and 13%+ for platinum per buy recommended.  But history isn’t meant to be a guarantee of future success.

Purchase of an individual recommendation automatically comes with the sell recommendation when the time is right.  Purchases of credit can be made via and subscriptions are monthly in advance.

Michael Dee
Michael Dee will provide these services to you as a director of Pythagoras Investment Timing Index.  Trained in Accounting, Finance and Investment, Michael has spent his working life in the Finance Industry, specifically in wealth creation.

He rose through various Industry positions, culminating with him holding a Senior Management role with Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC). In this role Michael was extremely successful through his innovative approach to investment.

Within the Finance Industry, Michael is regarded as being technically strong, with a broad knowledge base. His approach has always been to challenge the status quo, always looking for the competitive edge to improve results.

When presented with the concept that predicting the timing of an event was more important than what the event was, he realized its significance and to pursue this line of work he left QIC to set up on his own.

Michael has worked tirelessly on developing a method of predicting changes in volatility in the market, with the resultant change in prices. This has been done using mathematical solutions, with all the complex work done electronically ‘behind the scenes’.

Michael’s working life has led him to this point, using an innovative approach, challenging the status quo, all with a view to changing investment dynamics in both individuals and organisations.

All fees are payable to Stock Nostradamus and are sold on the basis of silver or platinum recommendations.  Bundles can be purchased at Clients may pay for individual recommendations (via the App according to the recommendation) or subscribe monthly for to the product.  A paid up monthly subscriber will receive all buy and sell recommendations available for the chosen Stock Nostradamus product.

Conflicts of Interest
Pythagoras Investment Timing Index Pty Ltd trading as Stock Nostradamus is a specialist in providing direct equity advice.  Michael Dee may provide general advice on investments which he holds or may hold in his own personal portfolio.  Michael will endeavour to disclose the size and nature of his holdings where there may be a conflict of interest with the advice that he provides.

Pythagoras Investment Timing Index Pty Ltd trading as Stock Nostradamus does not receive any benefits on the execution of the investing it recommends.

Referral Fees and Commissions
In some situations, we may pay fees or commissions to external parties who have referred you to us. They will disclose the referral arrangements to you.

Making a Complaint
We endeavour to always provide you with the best advice and service.

Our reputation, honesty and high standard of client service are important to us. So that we act with integrity we have a complaints procedure designed to make sure all concerns are treated seriously, and that any complaint is addressed promptly and fairly.

If our level of service should fail to meet with expectations, we would like to hear about it. Any complaint about your dealings should be communicated to Michael Dee:

If, after giving the Director of Pythagoras Investing the opportunity to resolve your complaint, you are not satisfied, you may lodge a complaint with AFCA for an independent review of your matter:

  • Australian Financial Complaints Authority
  • By phone: 1800 931 678
  • By email:

AFCA can assist you as a client in resolving your complaint where you have been unable to do so with us. However, it is important that you contact us in the first instance so we can address your concerns as best we can. Please refer to for more information

Your Privacy
We maintain a record of your personal information.  If you wish to examine your file, you should ask us and we will make arrangements for you to do so.  We will only disclose information about you:

  • Where the law requires us to do so
  • If you consent for us to do so.