How It Works

Working with 135 ASX listed Australian companies, we select the best stocks for you using a unique set of mathematical characteristics.

Step 1  Download the Stock Nostradamus App (no charge) from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store.

Expect a selection of approximately 150 silver and platinum recommendations in different sectors in a year.

Step 2  Purchase App recommendation credits. Choose just one recommendation or a bundle of several recommendations. A bundle will give you bonus buy and sell recommendations, spread your investments and take advantage of as many different economic and share market factors as possible. 

Step 3 The Stock Nostradamus system mathematically predicts the events that will affect your chosen stock's price using proven algorithms. It then mathematically formulates buy and sell recommendations before these events occur so you can trade ahead of the rest of the market.

Receive a notification showing there is a strong recommendation for you. We identify the industry sector, size and past performance so you can decide whether you would like to purchase the recommendation. You have 24 hours to opt-in. 

We recommend you have a minimum of $3000 to invest in a recommendation to maximise your return.

Once you opt-in for a recommendation, you make the transaction with an online discount stockbroking account. If new to this, rest assured that once set-up, it's just like an online banking transaction and we're here to assist you.

Step 4  Relax. Stock Nostradamus predicts the ideal sell timing for you!